Is your office located in the Luxembourg Corporate Center?

You've just discovered one of it's best kept secrets!

Back in 1999, through a series of lucky events at the time, we were able to obtain a very high speed fiber optic Internet connection into Luxembourg to power our large customer base of dial-up Internet customers at the time.

Word quickly spread through the Luxembourg complex that StarLinX had fast Internet service, and everyone wanted in on it.  Comcast was not an option at that time. In fact, Comcast was one of our customers!

While the dial-up Internet service is now gone, we're still in business and going strong. And, like you, we need that fast/reliable Internet service for our business more than ever before.

Most of the offices in Luxembourg still connect to the Internet via that fast fiber pipeline to the Internet. Some even use it as a second connection, for redundancy!

* Note, this service is only available within the Luxembourg Corporate Center / Langhorne, PA *

Introducing NETSurfer

NETsurfer is just $79.95/month with no extra fees or long service contracts. You won't need to rent any equipment, pay extra for static IP#s, or buy any unnecessary add-ons.

Service speeds are up to 500Mbps bi-directional. NETsurfer is a commercial-grade Internet connectivity powered by Lumen (formerly Level3) over fiber optic circuitry. It's essentially a direct connection right to the regional on-ramp to the Internet.

It's that simple.

If your business needs a primary (or even backup) connection to the Internet... the best kept secret is right under your nose. We hope you'll take advantage of this and help support what has proven to be a tremendous success for the past 25+ years.

More than likely your office is already wired for service. To get started, click the button below to send a message or call 215.579.0589. We can usually get you up and running within a few days.

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